Q&A with the Reverend Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius

by TomSilerMN

I like this.

Stubble Magazine


[Reported by Cody Swede]

Stubble: What is “Bob” and the Church of the SubGenius?
Reverend Stang: The answer to all the questions that haven’t been asked yet.

Stubble: Who are you?
Reverend Stang: I am merely a faceless servant of “Bob.” He promised me a face.

Stubble: So, are you like… the Pope then?
Reverend Stang: The Church of the SubGenius has so many Popes that it renders the very concept of Popehood meaningless.

Stubble: How did you get involved in spreading the Word of “Bob”?
Reverend Stang: The year was 1977. I was stuck in Dallas, Texas with nothing to listen to but Dallas A.M. radio. That should explain everything.

Stubble: Any juicy details about J.R. “Bob” Dobbs you’d like to share?
Reverend Stang: He can grow as many dicks as he wants.

Stubble: I…

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